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How do I book?

Wonderful!  I"m excited to have you!  Please email me any questions you may have and we can discuss the details of your wedding.   When you are ready to book, a 50% deposit of your bridal package ($75) will hold your date. Please keep in mind the four person minimum per wedding.  We will go over and sign a contract with final numbers at your trial!

Do my bridesmaids need airbrush foundation or false lashes?

I provide a full face of makeup for the bridal party application.  The airbrush foundation and false lashes are add ons.   I think the airbrush foundation photographs beautifully, and the false lashes complete the look.  If I only had to choose one, it would be false lashes every time!  (They're my fave!)  It is up to them if they would like any add ons.  These services just add to the special day!

Where is the trial?

I hold trials at my home in Avon on Sunday's at 1:00.  I can also hold your trial at my space in Studio 180 in Plainfield Monday-Friday 9am-3-pm.  I will email about 3-4 months from your wedding date to set that up!.  Your trial will take about an hour and a half.

How long does makeup take?

I like to have an hour for brides, and 30-40 minutes for the bridal party.  To work out the timing for the morning of your wedding, let me know what time you need to be ready, and how many will be getting makeup services that day, and I will do the rest to work out the timing!

Can I use my own makeup?

It is best that we use mine.  One reason being sanitation.  I keep the makeup in my kit professionally sanitized and don't want to risk any transfer of bacteria through my application.  Let me pamper you with professional products.  You may even find something new that you love!  If you would like to color match some eyeshadows that you know you love, feel free to bring it along and we can go with a simiar color palette.

Can I see the contract before I book?

Absolutely!  Please let me know if you would like to look over the contract and I would be happy to email it to you and go over any questions you may have!

When do I need to have a final count of members of my bridal party wanting makeup services?

Please have a total count at your trial.  This is where we will go over final numbers and get scheduling and timing planned for your wedding day.  

What types of payment do you accept?

The best way is through Venmo, Chase QuickPay, or Check.  If these options do not work for you please let me know.

Do you have other questions?  Feel free to email me at any time and I will be happy to help!

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